Friday, 26 December 2014

Boxing Day's annual Larling Tractor Run

The annual charity fundraiser, which was started ten years ago, people of all ages lined up outside the Larling Angel Pub to see a record breaking 168 vintage Tractors (last year there were 120) which turned out on the day. The convoy met at the Angel Inn at Larling before heading off on a route through Attleborough, Snetterton and Shropham, with bucket collections at each stopping point. Thankfully, despite the cold, the weather held up on the day and people enjoyed a hog roast afterwards which had been kindly donated. 

Below is some video footage of the majority of the tractors that attended leaving the Larling Angel, the footage taken with my GoPro Hero. Enjoy 

Monday, 15 December 2014

Facebook 'Like' Outdoor & More

I've decided to join Facebook to increase the accessibility of my blog. With the page only being active for a few days I've already hit the 1,000 mark.

The popularity of the blog is overwhelming for me and glad I can share my passion with such a big audience worldwide. So if you have Facebook hit 'Like' and share with friends


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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Woodland Frosty Walk

This morning I went down to a woodland area where I shoot quite regularly for an hour and bagged myself a few birds with my Midlands Gun Co over and under 12 bore/gauge. I didn't bother with decoys or getting in the hide I just used the natural cover of the wood to pick my shots. There was a stiff frost on ground and when I left it was -1C so I was layered up and had the flask on stand by.

As you can see the woodland edge where rabbits break cover
open canopy makes great for shooting
A few pheasant having a early feed 
RC Titiano Caccia game cartridges 31g 6 Shot
Midland Gun Co over and under
Overall a nice mornings work with a magpie and two crows, the landowner has a real magpie problem and I've not had the opportunity to shot them yet until today. When shooting in a wood you really have to stay vigilant and have the gun at the ready because you don't get much time to react.


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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Pheasant Shoot In Norfolk 29th November

Last weekend I attended a shoot in the  picturesque countryside of Norfolk at a small village called Stoke Holy Cross. The shoot had 8 drives positioned all around the farm with woodland and brush. The day started with bacon rolls and coffee then onto the field for the first 4 drives. I draw to start on peg 4 and each drive I moved up 2. I definitely had one of the busiest pegs and was kept on my toes all day. Here is a few photos form the day.

Woodland drive
Its always a pleasure to watch gun dogs working
All the participants of the shoot

The total for the day was 72 birds, myself personally got 17 but could of been more. I was using my Midlands Gun Co over and under with Gamebore 'Clear Pigeon' 32g. I don't usually use these for pheasant shooting but I've got hundreds of them left over and couldn't get down to my local gun smiths to pick up.

Overal a fantastic day which was ran by some brilliant hosts, the hospitality was outstanding and really made me feel welcome.  I'm really looking forward to coming next year!

Thank you Adrian, Robert and Donna

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