Monday, 3 November 2014

Pheasant season is last

Well as you all know the pheasant season is well underway, and I've got quite a few shoots lined up. At the minute the weather here in the UK for this time of year as been extremely mild. This Saturday when i went pigeon shooting it was 17C, and for November thats unheard of.

Im sure you will all agree there nothings better then a cold Saturday morning with your 12 bore resting in your arm ready for the days shoot. This is the first year I've been invited on a shoot which is in a small village call East Harling. Due to other commitments I've able to attend the first few but i am going to do my first soon.

For the shoot I'm going to take my Midlands Gun Co over and under which is a golden oldie that i love to shoot with that was given to me by a friend who is now working abroad. So watch this space and i will fill you in on how i go.

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