Friday, 14 November 2014

Mossberg .410 Pump Action 'American Beauty'

I've recently got my hands on a Stealth Mossberg .410 pump action shotgun and wanted to give you a insight to this great little gun. As you will probably be aware Mossberg are American made guns and have been in the business for nearly 100 years and take gun making very serious. From armed forces, personal defences weapons and what we use the for in the UK is sporting shooting. They have produced some of the most popular shotguns in the world.

This gun is a 410. pump action and has a large moderator perfect for keeping the noise down, giving the shooter the ability to dispatch multiple targets with minimal disturbance to the surround quarry. I use the gun for ratting and rabbit lamping, which is ideal for a moderated gun or if you shoot near livestock that don't like the noise of a 12 gauge.  The size of the gun gives it great handling even with a moderator and is surprisingly well balanced when handled out on the field.

The gun has a walnut stock with cross checkering on the handle, this helps with grip but really just finishes off the look quite nicely. Personally I'm not into the concept of pump actions because sometimes they come across 'loose'. By loose I mean the pump forend can have a lot of movement left and right as well as the forward and back. But the guys at Mossberg have done a fantastic job making the gun sturdy and durable.

For cartridges I use Gamebore 'Traditional hunting'. This are very low recoiling and also good for the younger shooter. Primary designed for pest control. Overall I'm really impressed with this American Beauty, I personally love shooting with a .410 and they are great for a little walk around the land where the quarry know the sound of a shotgun.

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