Saturday, 15 November 2014

Morning Wander In The Fog

Last night I had spontaneous moment and decided to get up early to go for a walk around some land I shoot. The land is nicknamed 'The Hill' for obvious reasons, it has a large area of over gown rough with a woodland which is heaving with pigeons, pheasants, magpies and the odd rabbit. I like going there because you never know what you're going to come across and it offers a great variety of game. Today I brought my younger brother along who hasn't shot very much and is more of a fisherman, but I think he enjoyed himself.

Can't beat taking a flask out on these cold days
I was shooting my Midlands Gun Co over and under whilst he took the Hatsan semi auto both 12 gauge. Due to the thick fog the visibility wasn't great but I think it helped because the quarry couldn't see us as well.  The only trouble was we didn't have as much time to react to them.

My brother 
The first hour was very quiet with only a few pigeons but as the day went on it started to pick up a lot more. We were using Gamebore 'clear pigeons' 32g cartridges which I have mentioned previously in my blog but they are fantastic cartridges and would recommend them. 

Gamebore 'Clear Pigeon'
Beautiful morning
Using straw bales as cover
Taking aim (to miss)
Tea break
After shooting for 3 hours we managed 17 pigeons and 2 rabbits which in the conditions wasn't bad going but to be honest we did have a lot of misses. Whilst we were there the game keeper was at the bottom of the land  also pigeon shooting and he got 11 so not a bad total for the day. 

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