Saturday, 8 November 2014

Hatsan Escort semi-auto shotgun

The Hatsan Escort semi-auto shotgun is a Turkish-built semi automatic that is a top contender for the best semi automatic under £500.

In the hide with the Hatsan
Want to hear about one of the best semi autos for under £500.  It comes in the shape of Hatsan’s gas operated Escort semi-auto.  Some may say that its not as reliable as a Beretta or Browning but I have to disagree, considering you can buy three for the same price and any replacement parts so readily available you cant go wrong.

Mine came with a three year warranty covering mechanical defects which was included in the price. I basically wanted something I could take pigeon shooting that was rugged, simple and reliable that could take a few knocks and dents. But on a budget, when I came across this for £450! That’s nearly a third of the price of a Browning Maxus. 

The Escort has done nothing but impress me, I’ve had over 3,000 cartridges through it and I’ve never had a jam. Unlike some semi auto the gun isn’t cartridge fussy. I’ve had 28g loads all the way to 34g load and it still cycles like a dream. Obviously with most gas operated semi-autos the smooth cycling of the gun is largely down to it being kept clean so that all the parts move as
freely as possible. The rule of thumb for cleaning semi autos I always do after I’ve used it. I always think if you look after your shotgun it looks after you.

The Hatsan also came with 5 chokes and a choke key. Mod, Imp Mod, Skeet, Full and cylinder.

My version is 12 gauge 28” inch barrel and has a black synthetic stock.  The gun comes with a standard magazine capacity of 2 + 1, which you can hold on a basic UK shotgun license. They are also available to FAC holders with extended seven shot magazines. I’m also pretty sure they make a left hand version also.

The verdict and marks out of 10

I personally think this is the best value and performing semi auto under £500 on  the market. I've had so many good days out with it and touch wood its never let me down. With that in mind time for my marks out of 10.

Build Quality: 9
Handling: 9
Styling: 7
Value for money: 10

Average: 8.75/10

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