Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Woodland Frosty Walk

This morning I went down to a woodland area where I shoot quite regularly for an hour and bagged myself a few birds with my Midlands Gun Co over and under 12 bore/gauge. I didn't bother with decoys or getting in the hide I just used the natural cover of the wood to pick my shots. There was a stiff frost on ground and when I left it was -1C so I was layered up and had the flask on stand by.

As you can see the woodland edge where rabbits break cover
open canopy makes great for shooting
A few pheasant having a early feed 
RC Titiano Caccia game cartridges 31g 6 Shot
Midland Gun Co over and under
Overall a nice mornings work with a magpie and two crows, the landowner has a real magpie problem and I've not had the opportunity to shot them yet until today. When shooting in a wood you really have to stay vigilant and have the gun at the ready because you don't get much time to react.


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